Raja Ampat Resort


Is Swan Diving Raja Ampat Resort active?
No, Swan Diving Raja Ampat Resort ceased operations in 2014.

Where was Swan Diving Resort Project Located?
It was located on Bunibah Island (Pulau Buniba Besar and Pulau Buniba Kecil), next to the Kampung of Sawingray, Island of Gam, Raja Ampat Islands.

Is Swan Diving Raja Ampat Resort for sale?
No, Swan Diving is not for sale. The contract with the owners of the land was canceled, and all the material on the island was given to the owners of the land so they could start their own Homestay. All the permits and concessions from the government were given to the local families.

If we want to start our project on Buniba island who should we contact?
You should contact the owners of the land: the three sisters Dimara from the Kampung Sawingray in the Island of Gam, Raja Ampat.

Is there an intermediary/agent we can make a deal with?
No, only the three sisters owners of the land can make a deal. Any Agent that pretends to talk in the name of the real owners of the land is a scam artist. Do not start any negotiation with anybody else than the three real owners of the land. Contact them directly. Any intermediary will ruin your project. Bring your on interpreter if you do not speak Bahasa Indoensian.

I met an "investor" who says he is the owner of Swan Diving (or ex-owner, or he knows the owners). He's been many years in Raja Ampat, but he was not born in Papua. Is he legit?
Congratlations you have met one of the Scam Artists of Raja Ampat. If he was not born and raised in Raja Ampat and his name is not Dimara, he is not legit. Bunibah Island, and what is left of Swan Diving, belongs to the three sisters Dimara in Sawingray. Stay away from these "agents". Deal only with the local Raja Ampat families. No exceptions.